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2020 Shows

Jan 26 Stomp Train                                                           Cronins Pub Crosshaven 6-8pm

Feb 6 Pop-Up Klezmer Maureens

Feb 13 TUO Thomond Bar 9:30pm

Feb 15 Riff Raft Galway Swing Dance

Feb 16 CnJ Special Leaping Salmon6pm

Feb 18 TUO Merrion Hotel Dinner                                Dublin (Private Event) 6-9pm

Feb 26 CnJ Special Bru Bar 21:30

Mar 5 TUO Shelbourne Hotel 12-3pm

            (Private Event)

Mar 9   TUO Crane Lane 23:30

Mar 11 Pop-UpKlezmer House Show

Mar 13 Riff Raft Swing Dance Cricket Club

Mar 16 TUO Connolys of Leap

Mar 17 TUO Mount Oval 6pm

Mar 18 Jorge and Tom at Bru

Mar 20 TUO Bru Bar 22:00

Mar 26 Pop-Up Klezmer at Maureens

Mar 29 Pop-Up Klezmer Nano Nagle 4pm

Mar 29 Cn J Special Cronins Pub 6pm

Mar 30 TUO Crane Lane 23:30

Apr 1 Jorge n Friends at BruBar

Apr 4 Pop-Up Klezmer 1pm Cork Library

Apr 9 Pop-up Klezmer Roundy

Apr 18 Riff Raft Swing Dance

Apr 21 TUO Crane Lane 23:30

Apr 30 TUO, Blue Mockingbird,Goodnight Circus atThe Roundy 

Apr 30 TUO Merrion Hotel Dinner                                Dublin (Private Event) 6-9pm

May 3 CnJ Special Leaping Salmon6pm

May 12 TUO Merrion Hotel Dinner                                Dublin (Private Event) 6-9pm

May 14 TUO Private Event Kildare 6-9pm

May 12 -28*Three For Silver Tour*

May 17 3fs Sky and Ground Wexford

May 24 3fs Sky and Ground Wexford

May 28 3fs Crane Lane 9pm

May 30 TUO Tinyfeet Balboa fest                                  Metropole Hotel

June 18 TUO CEO Private Event Cork 12-                      3pm

July 16  TUO Merrion Hotel Dinner                                Dublin (Private Event) 6-9pm

July 26 CnJ Special Leaping Salmon6pm

Aug 14 Riff Raft Wedding RiverLee                                (Private    Event)

Sept 22 TUO Merrion Hotel Dinner                                Dublin (Private Event) 6-9pm

Oct 4 TUO No Covers at El Fenix Cork

Oct 15 TUO Merrion Hotel Dinner                                Dublin (Private Event) 6-9pm

Oct 25 CnJ Special Leaping Salmon6pm

Nov 22 CnJ Special Leaping Salmon6pm

Dec 10 TUO CEO Private Event Dublin 12-                  3pm




2019 Shows

Jan 4 TUO Bru Bar Cork

Jan 9 Pendulum Summitt Dublin 

Jan 22   Stomp Train Blues Band Bru Bar

Jan 23 CEO Dinner Dublin

Jan 29 Crane lane midnight show TUO 

Feb 5 Stomp Train Blues Band Bru Bar                                                                         Cork

Feb 8 TUO Bru Bar Cork



March  6  Stomp Train Blues Band Bru Bar                                                                          Cork

March 15 Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

March 17 TUO Rising Suns Brewery

March 21 Sin é Cork

March 22 TUO Bru Bar Cork

March 25 TUO Crane Lane Midnight Show

March 29 Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

April 2 CEO dinner Merrion Hotel Dublin

April 12 Nana's Pub Stomp Train

April 13 TUO Bru Bar Cork

April 19 RiffRaft trio CobbleStone Dublin

April 21 Lead Jelly Duo Cousins Bar                             Carrigtwohill Cork 

April 26 RiffRaft at Spring Swing Cork

April 30 Stomp Train Blues Band Bru Bar


April 30 TUO Crane Lane Midnight Show

May 2   Sin É Cork TUO DUO

May 5   Clonmel park hotel TUO DUO

May 10 Bru Bar Cork TUO Trio

May 17 Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

May 26 Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

May 28 TUO Crane Lane Midnight Show


May 31 Doonbeg Jazz Fest TUO Trio

June 1  Doonbeg Jazz Fest TUO Trio

June 2  Doonbeg Jazz Fest TUO Trio and                      Riff Raft

June 3  Doonbeg Jazz Fest Riff Raft


June 8  LeadJelly Duo Lismore Party

June 8  Blue Haven Hotel Kinsale                                  Stomp Train Blues Band

June 14 Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

June 15 Private Party Kildare TUO Trio

June 16 TUO DUO Bull McCabe's 6pm

June 18 StompTrain Blues Band Bru Bar

June 22 Riff Raft Doneraile Court 2-4pm

June 23 Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

June 28 Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

June 29 Wedding Reception Lead Jelly                         Duo Ennistymon Co. Clare

June 29 Swing Dance Riff Raft Rowing                         Club Galway


July 1    Riff Raft Crane Lane Midnight                         Show

July 5    Nanas Pub Douglas St. TUO DUO

July 6    Stomp Train, Mick Doyles Kilkenny

July 12 TUO DUO Nanas Pub Douglas St. 

July 18 TUO CEO BBQ Marker Hotel Dublin

July 19 TUO Bru Bar Cork

July 20 Riff Raft Jazz Band Wedding

July 21 TUO DUO Bull McCabe's 

July 23 TUO Crane Lane Midnight Show

July 25 Fota House Private Conference


July 25-Aug 10 TUO UK TOUR 

July 26 Snow Goose, Macclesfield UK

July 27 Matt n Phreds Jazz Club,                                    Manchester UK

July 28 London Inn, Buxton UK

July 29 Sandys Piano, Bar Oxford UK

July 30 CB2 Cambridge (CANCELLED DUE                TO VENUE CLOSURE)

July 31 The Shed, Leicester UK

Aug 1 Prince Albert, Stroud UK

Aug 2 Pebbles, Watchet UK

Aug 3 Lansdown Arms , Lewes UK

Aug 4 Square and Compass, Worth                             Matravers Dorset UK

Aug 5 Bell inn Bath

Aug 6 Swindon Couch Sessions

Aug 7 Brasenrose Arms, Cropedy Festival               UK

Aug 8 Canteen,  Bristol UK

Aug 9 Magic Garden, London UK

Aug 10 BoomTown Festival 18:00


Aug 16 Stomp Train Nana's Douglas St.

Aug 21 Stomp Train Blues Band Bru Bar

Aug 26 St. Lukes Secret Show                                        TheUnderscoreOrkestra &                                  Pop-up Klezmer

Aug 23 Lead Jelly Duo Clonmel Park Hotel 

Aug 27 TUO Crane Lane Midnight Show 


Au 30- Sept 2 Electric Picnic TUO

Aug 31 Jerry Fish Stage 15:30

Sept 1  Trailer Park Stage 14:00

Sept 4 Pop-up Klezmer Crawford and Co.

Sept 6  TUO DUO Nanas Pub Douglas St.

Sept 7 Jorge plays Horns with Runaway                    Retros Mariners Bar Bantry

Sept 9 TUO Crane Lane Midnight show

Sept 13 TUO DUO Nanas Pub Douglas St.

Sept 14 TUO Trio Bru Bar Cork

Sept 15 Open House Brunch, Frakaz Band

Sept 20 Riff Raft Swing Dance Macroom

Sept 21 CnJ Special Fitzy's Pub                                      Crosshaven

Sept 24 Ceo Dinner Westbury Hotel Dublin

                (Private Event)

Sept 26 Ceo Dinner Facebook Offices                           Grand Canal Square(Private Event)

Sept 27 Lead Jelly and the Attic Cats,                            Clonmel Park Hotel

Sept 29 TUO Douglas St Autumn Fest at                      Nana's Pub 4pm

Oct 1  Frakasz Alchemy Coffee 7-9pm

Oct 11 TUO Nanas Pub Cork

Oct 13 Cronins pub CnJ Special 6-8pm 

Oct 18 TUO Bru Bar

Oct 19 Jorge Plays Horn with Runaway                     Retros Debarras Clonakilty

Oct 24-28  Cork Jazz Fest

Oct 25 TUO Nana's 20:30-22:30

Oct 26 TUO Glucksman art Gallery 13:00

              Rising Sons 15:00


              Nana's 19:30-21:30

              Metropole Hotel 22:30-00:30 

Oct 27  Woodford 14:00-16:00 Jorge Plays                 Horn with Runaway Retros                                

                TUO Friary 17:00/17:30

               TUO Nana's 20:30-22:30

               TUO Rising Sons 23:00

Nov 5 Ceo Dinner Merrion Hotel Dublin

            (Private Event)

Nov 8 TUO DUO Nana's Pub

Nov 13 StompTrain BluesBand Bru Bar

Nov 15 Riff Raft at Rebel Swing Cork

Nov 16 Riff Raft at Rebel Swing Cork

Nov 19 TUO Crane Lane Midnight Show

Nov 25 Winter Warmers Many Tounges

Nov 29 TUO River Lee X-mas Party 19:30

Nov 30 TUO River Lee X-mas Party 19:30


Dec 1 The Leaping Salmon, Blackrock                     Road 6-8pm CnJ Special Bluegrass

Dec 2 TUO Crane Lane Midnight Show

Dec 3 TUO DUO City Hall PPN Party                           18:00-21:00

Dec 6 TUO Nana's Pub

Dec 7 CnJ Special Mick Burkes Bar                            Buttevant

Dec 8 Dara and Friends@Maureens 20:00

Dec 12 Intercontiental Hotel 12-3pm                          Dublin (Private Event)

Dec 12 TUO Wilton ArtHouse Exhibit 20:00

Dec 13 PopUp Klez at quay Co-op 16:30

Dec 13 TUO River Lee X-mas Party 20:30

Dec 14 Dara Indian Music NanoNagle                         16:30 

Dec 14 TUO River Lee X-mas Party 20:30

Dec 20 TUO River Lee X-mas Party 20:30

Dec 21 TUO River Lee X-mas Party 20:30

Dec 22 Gary Baus Fundraiser Kino 14:00-                  17:00 

Dec 29 CnJ Special at Coachford 19:00

Dec 30 TUO DUO Clonmel Park Hotel

Dec 31 TUO River Lee New Years Party


All 2018 Shows

Jan 19th Bru Bar Cork

Jan 20th Foxy P Cox Show Cork

Feb 10th Friary  Cork

Feb 16th Bru Bar Cork

March 3rd Bru Bar Cork

March 6th That's What She Said, Cork

UK Tour 2018

March 7th Moniaive Craigdarroch 

Arms Scotland

March 8th Ielean Iairmain ,Skye


March 9th Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow Scotland 

March 10th Market Bar, Inverness Scotland

March 11th Aberdeen Jazz Festival Scotland

March 12th  The Caledonia, Liverpool

March 14th Beehive, Swinden

March 15th Prince Albert, Stroud

March 16th The King Arthur, Glastonbury

March 17th Jamboree, London

March 18th Square and Compass Worth Matravers Dorset (afternoon gig)

March 19th The Bell, Bath

March 21th Pebbles Watchet, Somerset

March 22nd Canteen, Bristol

March 23rd Magic Garden, Battersea London

March 24th The Lansdown, Lewes 

April 14th BruBar Cork Ireland


May 3rd Sin é  Cork Ireland


May 4-6 Derry Jazz Fest at Sandinos

May 13th Baltimore Fiddle Faire

May 19th  BruBar Cork Ireland

June 15th  Bridge Bar Cork

June 16th BruBar Cork Ireland

June 17th  Cork Summer Fest

June 24th Body and Soul festival Pagoda


June 25th  TUO DUO at Nanas on Douglas                         street Cork

June 28th Percys CafeBar Whitechurch 


June 29th SnowGoose CafeBar

                     Macclesfield UK

June 30th Private wedding


July 2nd Caledonia Liverpool UK 


July 6  Nana's pub, Douglas St Cork                            TUO DUO acoustic session

July 7th BruBar Cork Ireland

July 8th Bridge Bar Cork TUO DUO

July 13th Nana's Pub Douglas St Cork

                   TUO DUO acoustic session

July 20th Nellie Freds Dingle

July 21st Private Wedding West Cork

Aug 4th Watergrass Hill 

August 7th Crane Lane Cork

August 10th Nana's Pub Douglas St Cork

August 12th Bridge Bar Cork TUO DUO

August 25th BruBar Cork Ireland

August 26th Cronins Cross haven

September 1st and 2nd Electric Picnic

                                           Jerry Fish Stage

September 7th    Zurich Switzerland                                              Viaduct Days

Germany Tour

September 11th Cobra Club Nuremburg

September 12th  Kunstverein Hintere                                            Cramergasse e.V.
                                 Frankenstraße 200
                                 D – 90461 Nürnberg

September 13th Burghausen Jazz Fest

September 14th Scruffys Irish Pub                                                 Karlsrhue Germany

September 15th Gastronomie Südbahnhof                                 Renningen Germany

September 16th Altes Volksbad Mannheim

September 17th Bamberg Live Club

September 18th Witzenhausen TBA

September 19th Blue Fox Gut

September 20th Yorckschlösschen

                                              Yorckstr. 15 
                                              D-10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg

September 22 Oldtimerparadies Boimstorf

                            Steinweg 14, 38154                                        Königslutter am Elm, Germany

September 26th  Kulturcafé Komm du                                            Hamburg Germany

        Hamburger Straße 13 / 22083 Hamburg / Germany

Sept 28th Brussels TBA

UK Tour

Sept 29th Brasenrose Arms Cropredy

Sept 30th Canteen Bristol

Oct 1st Recording Bristol

Oct 2nd Recording Bristol

Oct 4th Matt n Phreds Manchester

Oct 5th Barton inn Somerset 7pm

Oct 6th Pebbles Watchet

Oct 7th Bay Horse Totnes

October 12th Bru Bar, Cork Ireland

October 16th Crane Lane Midnight Show 

October 20th Private Wedding Kinsale

Cork Jazz Fest

October 25th Ragtime and Delta Blues                                   Bru Bar w/ Alessio Caletti

October 26th Nanas 5-7pm

                           Henchys 10pm

October 27th  Nanas 5-7pm

                            Kinsale 8pm   


October 28th  Nanas 3-5pm

                            Henchys 6:30-8:30pm

                            Bru Bar   8:45-10:30pm

                            Rising Suns  11pm

November 9th Bru Bar, Cork Ireland

November 13th Ragtime and Delta Blues                                    Bru Bar w/ Alessio Caletti


November 13th Crane Lane Midnight Show

November 24th  Nanas Acoustic TUODUO

November 30th River Lee Hotel 8pm

December 5th   Crane Lane Midnight Show

December 8th  Nanas Acoustic TUODUO

December 12th   Train Stomp Blues

                                 Band    Bru Bar Cork                              

December 15th TUO, Bru Bar,     

                               Cork Ireland

December 16     Nana's TUO Duo Acoustic


December 20th Rising Suns Brewery 8pm

                               Cork Ireland

December 22 O'Mahonys WatergrassHill

December 23   Nana's TUO Duo Acoustic


December 30   Nana's TUO Duo Acoustic


December 31st  River Lee Hotel NYE party

2017 Shows

May 4  Quays with Magpie Galway

May 6 Bru Bar TUO DUO

May 7 McGings Westport

May 12 Bru Bar Cork

May 13 Bennegians Derry

May 14 Roddens Buncrana

May18 Swagman Sligo

May 19Mullarkeys Clifden

May 20 Galway Sevens Loft With

               The Dirty Circus

May 21 Roadside inn Lisdoonvarna

May 26 PF McCarthy's Kenmare

May 27 PF McCarthy's Kenmare

May 28 Nellie Freds Dingle

June 2 Sunflower pub Belfast

June 3rd Derry with Balkan Alien Sound

June 4th Melting pot festival Ardara

June 6  Crane Lane Midnight Show


June 8 Bru Bar Cork

June 10 Hy Brasil Club Bristol

UK 11pm

June 11 Magic Gardens London

June 12 The Bell in Bath UK

June 13 The King Arthur,

31-33 Benedict Street

Glastonbury UK 8:30pm


June 14  Somewhere in Southern UK


June 15 Prince Albert Gloucester UK 9pm

June 16th Jamboree London UK

June 17th Hootenany Brixton UK

June 18th Square and Compass Dorset UK 2pm

June 21-22 Festival Fougeres France

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